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Yummy pasta recipe presented by Towne Centre Village Apartments - Date 12/27/2016

We found a great pasta recipe that you will love. It’s the perfect comfort food for this cold weather. Go ahead, give it a try tonight.

CPR and Dog First Aid Tips - Date 10/31/2016

It is always a good idea to be prepared for an emergency situation. Would you know what to do if your pet started chocking? Learn the Heimlich maneuver for dogs by reading though this helpful article.

Potluck Hosting Tips presented by Towne Centre VIllage Apartments in Mesquite, TX - Date 10/12/2016

We all love a good potluck dinner, here are some ideas for resolving some issues that can arise when things don’t go as planned!

Crock Pot recipes presented by Towne Centre Village Apartments! - Date 10/11/2016

Crock pot season is among us and who doesn’t like the convenience of cooking with one? Try this crock pot ranch chicken wrap. You’ll probably end up using it as one of your commonly used recipes. Enjoy!

Home Decor Tips from Towne Centre Village Apartments! - Date 09/29/2016

Not enough space in your apartment living room? Here are some great ideas to make the best of your space.

Home Decor Hacks for your apartment! - Date 09/14/2016

Here are 31 ways to decorate your apartment home using these DIY on budget ideas.

2 Hour Sunday Routine for a Stress Free Work Week! - Date 08/31/2016

If thinking about the upcoming work week has you stressed to the max, try using this 2 hour plan on Sunday to prepare yourself, and your apartment for the week ahead.

Pet health tips from Towne Centre Village Apartments in Mesquite, TX - Date 08/26/2016

We all strive for a healthy lifestyle, so why should our pets be any different? Check out these tips to keep your pet healthy year round!

Fun summer project for kids presented by Towne Centre Village Apartments - Date 08/18/2016

Summer is such a fun and magical time for little ones. As it draws to an end, let them make something just as magical with these fun crystal stars. You can hang them around the house or attach them to a stick for a magic wand!

Indoor plant suggestions from Towne Centre Village Apartments! - Date 08/04/2016

Check out these indoor plants for your apartment-they don’t just look great, they help purify the air too!